Two Hockey Players Accused of Filming Teen in Sex Performance at Hotel

| by Michael Allen

Junior hockey players Brandon Smith, 19, and Thomas Carey, 18, are accused of making a sex tape with a 15-year-old girl in Moorehead, Minn.

The incident allegedly happened in a hotel room following a game between the Lincoln Stars and Fargo Force of the U.S. Hockey League (USHL) on Feb. 14.

According to court papers, Smith filmed Carey having sex with the teen, who told her mother about the sexual incident after getting messages about the video from friends and other hockey players, noted

According to KFGO, Smith and Carey, who play for the Lincoln Stars, have been charged with using a minor in a sexual performance, possession of child pornography and distributing child pornography.

"The statute was designed for people who have pictures of sex with little children, something most of us can't look at and sleep," said Smith's attorney Joseph Friedberg.

Carey's lawyer made a similar claim.

According to the Lincoln Stars website:

The players have been previously suspended indefinitely due to violating the USHL Player Code of Conduct, and that suspension has continued throughout the investigation of the matter. 

It is a privilege to play in the USHL, and we demand the highest standards both on and off the ice in terms of how players conduct themselves, as they are representing not only themselves, but their organization, community, and the League.

We will continue to cooperate with authorities and monitor the legal process and will have a final determination of the players' status in the USHL once that process has concluded.

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