Police Make Burmese Suspects Reenact Rape And Killing Of Two British Tourists In Thailand (Photos/Video)

| by Khier Casino

Two Burmese men who allegedly killed two British tourists have been forced by police to reenact the crime on a Koh Tao beach in Thailand.

The two Burmese workers, who have confessed to the crime, donned white motorcycle helmets and handcuffs for the reconstruction, a common practice in Thai murder cases, on the beach where Hannah Witheridge, 23, and David Miller, 24, were found beaten to death on September 15.

According to the Daily Mail, onlookers watched as the men, known only as Win and Saw, replayed the murders, one holding a dustpan as a substitute for the garden hoe that was used to kill the British backpackers.

Police said DNA samples collected from Witheridge’s body matched those of the two men, who allegedly raped her before she was killed.

They face charges of murder rape and robbery, Thai national police chief, General Somyot Poompanmoung, told BBC.

Authorities claim they have CCTV footage to support their case and Witheridge’s cellphone was discovered in the men’s bungalow.

Win was also shown buying L&M cigarettes, the same brand which were found near the crime scene and matched DNA samples found on Witheridge, police said.

A third worker from Myanmar, also known as Burma, who was arrested with Win and Saw, has been discounted.

Miller’s father Ian says he believes his son stepped in to help Witheridge, The Independent reports.

Post-mortem examinations found that Witheridge, of Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, died from head wounds, while Miller, of Jersey, was killed by severe blows to the head and drowning.

More than 100 officers have been assigned to take part in the investigation in Koh Tao.

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Video Source: LEMON/YouTube