Twin Dead Fetuses Found Outside Fallbrook, California, Home

| by Amanda Andrade-Rhoades

Two fetuses were found dead outside of a home in Fallbrook, California, leaving a series of unanswered questions in their wake. 

Homeowner David Branford told NBC Los Angeles he first noticed a bundle of blankets near the gate of his home and mistook it for a doll when he left his home to do some chores at 9 a.m. When he returned home at 1:45 p.m., he looked under the blankets and found what appeared to be twin fetuses.

According to U-T San Diego, homicide Lt. John Maryon said in a statement that the fetuses appeared to be at least five months old and both had their umbilical cords attached to the same placenta.

Though it is currently unknown how the fetuses died, the sheriff’s department has requested a homicide investigation and an autopsy will be conducted.

Maryon also added that California’s “Safely Surrendered Baby Law” allows parents or guardians to bring newborns under three days old to hospitals and fire stations and anonymously leave them with staff members. 

Deputies are looking for the mother, who has not come forward.

"This would be someone who was recently pregnant and is no longer pregnant and does not have their babies to show," Maryon was quoted as saying in the Los Angeles Times.

"Those are your children,” local resident Vanessa Carrazco told NBC Los Angeles. "You don't even know if they died, unless it was a miscarriage or something, but either way, it was done in a harmful way.”

Sources: Los Angeles Times, NBC Los Angeles, U-T San Diego / Image via Shannon Smith/Flickr