Toddler Returns Home From Preschool With Bruises, Cuts (Photo)

| by Emily Smith

The Early Childhood Development Agency in Singapore is reportedly investigating a learning center after a 21-month-old continually returned from the school with cuts and bruises.

In April, when her 21-month-old son returned home from the Raffles Early Learning Centre in Telok Blangah, Singapore with bumps and bruises, Jacinta Pang became suspicious of the pre-school, The Straits Times reported.

“When he first started school, within the first week he had bump his head with a big baluka (bump),” Pang wrote on Facebook on Tuesday. “I know all kids fell [sic] but the school didn’t contact me and let me know till I pick him up then the teacher told me that he had fell during lesson.”

After the incident, Pang’s son became ill for three weeks and didn’t return to school. When he returned, he came home with multiple bruises again.

“There was once he even came home with a cut in his penis!” Pang wrote. “I was very disturbed with what had happened and started asking my son if someone in the school had beaten him and I start naming the teacher to him.”

According to Pang, her son replied “no” to all of the names but one. When Pang finally named the specific teacher, her son hid himself under a blanket.

Pang immediately contacted the Raddles Early Learning Center and shared the details of her son’s story. The owner apparently defended his employees and noted that abuse of such kind would never have occurred at the center, The Online Citizen reported. Nonetheless, the owner promised to investigate the situation.

On Monday, however, Pang received a call that her son had been hurt again. She rushed to the school to retrieve him, and he has not returned the learning center since then.

The ECDA spokesman said they are looking into the matter.

James Wong, director of the center, told the Straits Times that Pang should have confronted the school instead of writing about her experience on Facebook. Wong also wished Pang’s son a quick recovery.

Sources: The Online Citizen, Straits Times

Photo Credit: Jacinta Pang/Facebook