3 Middle Schoolers Try to Kill Super Strict Mom

| by Michael Allen

In Hesperia, California, a 13-year-old girl and two teen friends, from Ranchero Middle School, were arrested after they attempted to kill the girl's mother three times, according to San Bernardino County Sheriff's officials.

No motive was given for the attacks, although it appeared that the mother had some rules that the 13-year-old daughter didn’t want to follow, reports The Daily Mail.

San Bernardino County Sheriff spokeswoman Susan Rose said that the teen girl and her accomplices, one male and the other female, were arrested Tuesday afternoon for attempted murder, conspiracy to commit murder and burglary.

Rose said the unnamed victim was doing fine after the ordeal, but wouldn’t reveal her injuries.

Police received a call from the victim, early Tuesday morning, saying she had been attacked in her bed and her 13-year-old daughter was missing.

Deputies eventually located the three juveniles, who were arrested.  Their names were not released because of their ages.

The Ranchero Middle School website says these are the following traits it looks for in its students...

RMS Character Traits

1.  Be Positive

2.  Be Respectful of Self & Others

3.  Be Responsible

4.  Be Self Disciplined

5.  Build Relationships

6.  Set Personal Goals

7.  Be a Good Citizen

8.  Resolve Conflict Wisely