Three Marines Assist Woman Being Robbed

| by Amanda Andrade-Rhoades

Three U.S. Marine Corps recruiters came to the aid of a woman in her 60s who was being robbed.

The three Marines were sitting in their Lynnwood, Washington, office when they heard repeated honking outside.

"We thought there was road rage involved or a fight broke loose," Sgt. Riccardo Schebesta told WSOCTV

Schebesta and two other recruiters ran outside and saw a woman yelling for help.

"She said, ‘Help me; I’m being robbed,'" Staff Sgt. Ben Shoemaker recalled. "I stopped paying attention to her. She's not the problem."

He saw one of the suspects running away and immediately rushed towards him. “No, that kid was never going to outrun me," Shoemaker said. "Marines run towards the sound of chaos.” He detained Diego Tavares, 18, but the other suspect got away. 

The woman who was robbed is far from helpless. According to police records, she’s a former cop. The teen suspects told her they had a gun, and she dropped her purse when they demanded it. She pushed one of the teens and proceeded to chase them down in her truck.

“As Staff Sgt. Shoemaker detained the first guy, I got on the phone with 911," said Staff Sgt. Bryson Twigg. "At the time there were no police officers on the scene."

Schebesta added: ”It’s what we do. From the beginning, what we’re taught in boot camp, it's a part of us.”

Shoemaker agreed. “It's really what I’m trained to do, be it recruiting, be it that; my job is to protect the United States public," he said.

Police officers did not recover a gun, and the second suspect has yet to be apprehended. 

Source: WSOCTV / Image via Sgt. Mark Fayloga/Wikimedia Commons