Texas Mom Alexis Botello Charged With Covering Up Her 18-Month-Old Daughter's Murder

| by Jared Keever

A Texas mother has been arrested in connection with the murder of her young daughter, police said Wednesday. 

CBS News reports Alexis Botello, 17, was arrested Tuesday night by Arlington, Texas, police and is being held on charges of tampering with evidence and injury to a child. 

Botello’s boyfriend, 20-year-old Joshua Beard, was charged with murder earlier in the week for beating Botello’s 1-year-old daughter, Tylea Moore, to death in their Arlington home. 

The arrest warrant affidavit for Botello says she and Beard worked together to hide the body of the girl after she was killed. The two placed the girl’s body in the trunk of a car and drove to a Walmart store nearby where they purchased gloves and shovels, the affidavit says. 

They then allegedly dug a grave under a bridge and buried the body.

Investigators located the grave Monday and exhumed the body of a female child, wearing only a diaper and wrapped in a blanket. 

According to a news story from Fox Tampa Bay, friends and family were worried that Botello was in a troubled relationship and they feared for the safety of her and her child.

Botello’s father, Ricardo Botello, said his daughter loved his grandchild and could only imagine that her alleged actions took place because she feared her boyfriend. 

"I can only assume that my daughter feared for her life,” Ricardo Botello said. “Who wouldn't fear for their life after they just witnessed their child slain?”

"I know her mom was very scared because she was scared of Josh hurting them,” Botello’s friend, Amanda Bennett, said.

The search warrant mentions that Beard was violent towards his girlfriend, saying that “Beard hit and choked Botello when she tried to stop him” from beating the child.

Beard was not the biological father of the child and had reportedly been dating Botello for only a month or so.

He is charged with capital murder and is still in custody. His bail is set at $1 million. Botello, who also remains in custody, has her bail set at $125,000, according to The Dallas Morning News.

Sources: CBS News, Fox Tampa Bay, The Dallas Morning News