Teenage Twins Being Held Without Bail For Tying Up, Robbing 85-Year-Old 'Sugar Daddy'

| by Sean Kelly

Two teen twin sisters in New York who were arrested for allegedly tying up and robbing an 85-year-old man will remain in jail as their lawyers fight to have their charges dropped.  

17-year-old Shaina and Shalaine Foster met 85-year-old Paul Aronson through the website Seeking Arrangement, which connects “sugar daddies” with “sugar babies.” Shaina and Aronson reportedly met up on at least one occasion before the robbery, and later made plans to meet again on October 1st.

Shaina decided to bring her sister along to the next meeting, which began in Midtown Manhattan before continuing at Aronson’s luxury apartment 38th Street. Along the way, he reportedly bought the teens a bottle of Bacardi Razz.

“They were lured by the attraction of a beautiful five-story town house,” Shalaine’s lawyer Brian Kennedy said. “He gave them a tour of this house, and he has a little dog, and he was playing with the dog and asking them to play with the dog.

Then he was asking perverted questions, like, what was their sexual experience and what their favorite sexual position was,” Kennedy continued. They wanted to leave, he didn’t want them to leave — he grabbed one of them.”

The next day, a friend discovered the 85-year-old on the floor with his hands tied behind his back and his leg tied to a coffee table. His credit cards had been stolen from his wallet and he was also missing $500 cash.

The twins were arrested and charged with kidnapping, robbery, assault, grand larceny and burglary. They appeared in a Manhattan Supreme Court this week, where a judge informed them that no decision had been reached on whether or not the charges against them would be dismissed.

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