Ted Nugent Blames Detroit Mass Shooting on Welfare Programs

| by Michael Allen

National Rifle Association (NRA) board member and former rock star Ted Nugent recently claimed that social welfare programs cause gun violence.

On Nov. 8, a man dressed in body armor ran into a crowded room of Al's Barbershop and started shooting an assault-style rifle, killing three and injuring six, reported the Detroit Free Press.

In his latest column for the conspiracy website World Net Daily, Nugent addressed the shooting:

Rarely do you hear the president or his hapless vice president blame the murders and mayhem on those who pulled the trigger. Instead, they blame the NRA, institutional racism, the GOP, global warming, Wall Street bankers, spotted owls and adrift polar bears. The ugly truth is that urban street rats are responsible for the nightly shootouts in every large urban area in America.

However, President Obama and Vice President Biden have never blamed the "NRA, institutional racism, the GOP, global warming, Wall Street bankers, spotted owls and adrift polar bears" for shootings, but rather the easy availability of guns in America.

Nugent continues:

If Mr. Obama wants to blame something for this other than the punks who pulled the trigger, he might want to inform America that for the past 50 years social welfare programs designed, engineered and promoted by liberals have wreaked havoc on black families across America.

However, Nugent provided no proof of this claim either.

CNN reported in 2012 that government programs lifted over 20 million Americans out of poverty in 2011 alone.

Citing the U.S. census, CNN stated that Social Security checks lifted 21.4 million people over the poverty line in 2011 and unemployment benefits prevented 2.3 million Americans from falling below the poverty line. There are additional government programs such as food stamps that are not counted, but also helped as well.

Sources: CNN, World Net Daily, Detroit Free Press

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