Teacher Sentenced To Three Days In Jail For Having Sex With Special Needs Teens

| by Kathryn Schroeder

A Lancaster woman has pleaded guilty to two counts of endangering children for having sex with two underage special needs teens.

Jessica Hachat, 30, met the two special needs boys while working a summer lunch program. Hachat is a licensed teacher.

In court, Hachat made a tearful apology, reports WBNS.

“I've made a terrible mistake.  (It was) a decision that does not align whatsoever with my character.  I'm very sorry,” Hachat said in court.

The mother of one of the boys whom Hachat had sex with in their home does not accept her apology.

“A predator is person who ruthlessly exploits others and I believe that label undoubtedly describes Jessica Hachat,” the mother said.

“You are an animal that belongs in a cage and should never be allowed to instill morals, values or beliefs into another person,” said the mother in court with Hachat’s eyes reportedly welling with tears.

Both boys have both admitted that it was consensual.

One of the boys made a statement, that was read in court by his father: “If I didn't do what I did, my family wouldn't be in this situation and we would all be happy,” he wrote.

Hachat will serve three days in jail for her offenses.

Photo Source: WBNS