Steve Carter Discovers He Was Kidnapped by Mother on Missing Kids Website

| by Michael Allen

After reading about an Atlanta woman who had been kidnapped as a baby, 35-year-old Steve Carter decided to do a search for himself amid his lingering questions.

He went to and found picture of a himself, of what he would possibly look like as an adult (from a baby pic), under the name of Marx Panama Barnes.

Carter discovered that he was born in Hau'ula, Hawaii, but he and his mother, Charlotte Moriarty, were missing when he was six months old. Carter told People magazine: "I got chills. I was like, "Holy c**p, it's me.'"

Apparently Carter's mom was taken to a mental hospital and Carter was put in protective care.  His mom disappeared a few days later, but was never found.

Having been given a fake name and birth date by his mom, Carter was placed in an orphanage. He was adopted at four years old and moved to New Jersey.

Jennifer Monnheimer, his older half sister, convinced Hawaiian officials to re-open the investigation and they created the photo of Carter In 2001.

Carter has yet to meet his father, Mark Barnes, but called him in February this year. Barnes was speechless: 'All I could say was, "'Wow. Oh wow. Wow.'"

Carter, who lives in Philadelphia, is looking forward to reuniting with his father and sister later this year: "It's good to know where you've come from."

Found: Steve Carter has discovered he was a missing child 34 years after he and his mother vanished when was was six months old


Questions: Carter, then known as Marx Panama Barnes, vanished with his mother Charlotte Moriarty, who dropped him into state care before disappearing again. She has never been found