Spokane Prosecutor Investigated After Sending Bikini Photo To Convicted Felon

| by Amanda Schallert

Washington state officials are investigating one of their own criminal prosecutors after learning about a relationship she allegedly had with a six-time convicted felon.

Deputy prosecutor Marriya Wright, 34, is accused of trying to help 31-year-old felon Matthew Baumrucker elude police in March, according to the NY Daily News.

Baumrucker, who is known for having a tattoo of the word “criminal” across his forehead, was wanted for drug charges and for a possible assault. He and Wright had texted one another more than 1,000 times, according to a report by officials who searched the criminal’s phone.

Baumrucker also had a picture of Wright in a bikini on his cellphone, officials told KXLY.

An unnamed witness has told authorities that Baumrucker said a prosecutor with the name Marriya would be able to help him elude police.

The witness added that Baumrucker and Wright were spending time together a week before the felon was taken into police custody, according to the Spokesman-Review.

Wright reportedly visited Baumrucker 10 time over the course of one month once he was taken in. Officials began to question her for the unusual conduct, and she has been on administrative leave since April.

Source: NY Daily News