Partygoers Reportedly Filmed 15-Year-Old Girl Having Sex With Older Man, Posted Video Online

| by Jared Keever

Police in Scotland are investigating allegations that a 15-year-old girl was filmed having sex at a recent party and that the video was then posted online. 

The Daily Record reports it received tips from “concerned members of the public” that video and images of the naked underage girl had been posted online. 

The tabloid paper reports it then passed these concerns on to Police Scotland who launched an investigation. 

It is believed the video and images were recorded at a Monday night party in Edinburgh, thrown so attendees could watch the boxing match between Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao.

The Daily Record reports the party was attended by well-known sports stars, including a soccer player and a boxer, but declined to name the celebrities because they reportedly had no idea what was occurring in another room of the party. 

The girl reportedly went to a bedroom with an older man where the two had sex while others recorded the encounter with their cellphones. 

A source, identified by the Daily Record as a person “close to the girl,” said the flat where the party was hosted was rented by a group of guys who call themselves the “flame gang.”

“A whole load of girls were also invited but most of them were about 15,” the source said. 

“A lot of drink was taken and the girl herself said she didn’t know she was being filmed. It’s outrageous. Loads of them had their phones out taking pictures and videos of them in the bed,” the source added.

The girl was reportedly shocked when she learned the videos had been posted on social media sites. 

In one message, cited by the Daily Record, the girl confirmed her age and said she was “hurting” because she had been taken advantage of by 20-year-olds. 

The teen has also been cyberbullied following the incident, the Daily Record reports.

Scotland police are still investigating the incident, a spokesman said Monday. 

“Any information we receive in relation to sexual offenses will be thoroughly investigated and we welcome information from the public in connection with crimes of this nature,” the spokesman said. 

Apart from concerns of underage sex, the alleged incident also highlights another problem authorities in Scotland are looking to curb. 

The Daily Record reported in March that Scottish legislators were looking to pass a law outlawing so-called revenge porn. 

Revenge porn is typically understood to be explicit images or video of a person taken by an ex-partner and later posted online. 

BBC News reported in February that England and Wales had already passed laws aimed at the problem, with Scotland and Northern Ireland both looking to follow suit. 

Sources: Daily Record (May story), Daily Record (March story), BBC News 

Photo Credit: Flickr, WikiCommons

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