Robbers Arrested After Their Car Breaks Through Ice During Getaway

| by Matiss Batarags

Two Wisconsin men are under arrest for stealing numerous items from fishing shacks before falling through the ice of a frozen lake during their attempted getaway.

Ryan VanPuymbrouck, 20, and Tyler Hale, 24, stole various items including a television, liquor and an auger used to cut ice fishing holes. The items were in ice shacks on Upper St. Croix Lake, located in northwestern Wisconsin. Police said that judging by the tire tracks on the ice, the men got lost after looting multiple shacks.

They ended up driving up an inlet river and their car fell through the ice when it started to thin out. Both men managed to escape the car before it was fully submerged.

The 2014 Ford Focus belongs to Hale’s girlfriend and was uninsured. It was found in about six feet of water.

The Douglas County Sheriff’s Department said the men found another fisherman who then contacted police. At first they told police they were driving around on the ice for no reason. However, they were carrying the stolen goods and eventually confessed to the robberies.

Hale has been charged with six counts of felony burglary with bail set at $2,000. VanPuymbrouck has not been charged and is still in Douglas County jail.

Sources: Mad World News, Reuters / Photo Source: Mad World News