Russian Man Found Dead in Thailand Hotel with Seven Stab Wounds to Chest

| by Lina Batarags

PHUKET, Thailand – Hotel staff in Patong foung a guest dead on a bed on the morning of August 13. A bloody fruit knife and three suicide notes were next to him, and blood was spattered all over the bed.

After police were called to the hotel, the body was identified as that of a 32-year-old Russian Fedor Vasilev from the Siberian city of Yakutsk.

The man’s body was found face-up and fully dressed up on his bed. The victim’s body had deep gashes on both arms, as well as seven stab wounds in the chest.

Police concluded that the man had committed suicide.

Friends of the victim said that he had checked into the hotel on July 19, and was due to check out on August 13 to fly back to Russia.

“We gathered in front of the hotel this morning to take the shuttle bus and when he didn’t show up, we asked hotel staff to check his room,” one of the victim’s friends said.

A member of hotel staff said that the victim had not been seen since breakfast on August 11, and that “there has been a ‘Do not disturb’ sign on his door since yesterday.”

As police continue collecting evidence, they have contacted the Russian Embassy to discuss the case.

The Bangkok Post reports that Kathu police chief Pol. Col. Jeeraphat Phochanaphan said that Vasilev had been staying at the hotel with his transsexual partner, Mesa Phromkerd.

Sources: The Phuket News, Bangkok Post

Photo Sources: The Phuket News, Phuket Gazette