Psychiatric Facilities Refuse Teen Accused of 21 Stabbings, Defy Judge (Video)

| by Michael Allen

Alex Hribal,16, was arrested on April 9 after he allegedly stabbed 21 people at Franklin Regional High School in Murrysville, Pa.

A school administrator was able to physically disarm Hribal, who reportedly had two eight-inch kitchen knives.

For months, Hribal has been locked up in a juvenile detention facility, however, last week his lawyers asked Judge Christopher Feliciani to send him to a psychiatric facility, reported CBS Pittsburgh (video below).

Hribal reportedly said that he related to how the 1999 Columbine killers felt bullied in school.

“He indeed is suffering from mental illness," forensic psychologist Bruce Chambers testified in court last Friday. "His affiliation with the Columbine perpetrators was a way for him to act out this pathology.”

Judge Feliciani ruled that Hribal should be moved to a psychiatric facility.

However, AlterNet reports that eight facilities have refused to admit Hribal because of security concerns, but the real reason may be financial.

"It's a travesty," said Chambers. "The facilities turning him down receive a large part of their revenue from government programs, and make quite a bit of money. But they are so risk-averse that they are not meeting the community's needs."

“He’s wanted help after this happened," Patrick Thomassey, a lawyer for Hiribal, said last Friday. "He realized there’s something askew in his mind, there’s something wrong. I think he wants to figure out why he did it."

Hribal is charged as an adult with 21 counts of attempted murder and aggravated assault, as well as a school weapons violation.

Thomassey wants to move the case to juvenile court, but District Attorney John Peck wants the teen tried in adult court.

Sources: CBS Pittsburgh, AlterNet