Protesters Rally in Ferguson in Support of Officer Darren Wilson

| by Lisa Fogarty

More than 100 people rallied outside of the KSDK news station in St. Louis on Sunday to show their support for Darren Wilson, the police officer accused of shooting unarmed teen Michael Brown six times in Ferguson, Missouri.

Protesters, including several members of law enforcement, were angry that the news station had made the decision to release Wilson’s home address, which led to the officer fleeing his home, reports Daily Mail. Many pro-Wilson supporters wore T-shirts that featured the words “I stand by Darren Wilson,” along with the numbers 8.9.14 – the day he reportedly shot and killed Brown.

“The coverage so far has been biased and against the officer,” said John Newsham, a 55-year-old retired St. Louis County police detective. “They can make it a black white thing, but it’s not. It should be about the rule of law.”

Their protest took place one day before Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon ordered the National Guard to Ferguson to restore peace and order in the suburb, according to the Daily News. Every night since Brown was shot and killed, citizens have stormed the street to protest – ignoring a curfew imposed upon the city.

Police in riot gear have used tear gas on protesters and arrests have been made. Ordinary citizens have reportedly responded with Molotov cocktails and gunshots, and several Ferguson businesses have been looted.

“Tonight, a day of hope, prayers, and peaceful protests was marred by the violent criminal acts of an organized and growing number of individuals, many from outside the community and state, whose actions are putting the residents and businesses of Ferguson at risk,” Nixon said in a statement.

On the opposite road of the pro-Wilson protesters, a group of Brown supporters gathered carrying signs that read “Killer Cops: Don’t Shoot” and “Ferguson Police are harboring a fugitive.”

In addition to rallying behind the cop, those on Wilson’s side have set up a GoFundMe site for him, which raised $1,500 in two hours to help him with legal expenses.

Sources: Daily Mail, Daily News

Photo Credit: Facebook