Preschool Teacher Deborah Gratz Accused of Drugging Toddlers with Sleep Aid

| by Michael Allen

Deborah Gratz, a preschool teacher, is facing felony charges after she allegedly drugged toddlers with a sleep aid on March 8.

According to KTVU-TV, Gratz was arrested on child endangerment charges after she was fired from her job at the Kiddie Academy preschool in Morgan Hill, Calif.

A witness claimed to have observed Gratz putting an unknown substance into the drinking cups of the children in her classroom, ages 1 to 2.

"She was prepping water for them and one of the other employees witnessed her putting something into these sippy cups," Morgan Hill police Sgt. Troy Hoefling said. "Not all of them, but some of them."

Police say when school administrators confronted Gratz, she admitted putting the sleeping aid 'Sominex' into the children's drinks.

None of the children drank from the cups the day the incident was reported.

Sources: KTVU-TV, ABC