Police Shoot, Kill Arthur Dixon Armed with Scissors (Video)

| by Michael Allen

Police shot and killed Arthur Dixon on Sunday evening because he was suicidal and threatening two officers with a pair of scissors in St. Petersburg, Florida (video below).

According to the Tampa Bay Times, Dixon's mother, who was temporarily staying at his house, called 911 at about 6:10 p.m. and said Dixon had thrown gasoline on himself and was threatening to set himself afire.

Neighbor Ray Wuest went inside the home to talk to Dixon, who had gas spilled all around and was smoking a cigarette.

Wuest took the cigarette, went outside to ask firefighters if they had something to mop up the gas and went back inside Dixon's home to mop up the gas.

However, police arrived and insisted Wuest leave.

St. Petersburg Police Spokesman Mike Puetz said officers negotiated for more than an hour with Dixon, who was allegedly "belligerent and threatening."

At about 7:30 p.m., Dixon ran out the back of the house where Officers Devin Jones and Curtis Wright were standing.

According to police, Dixon held a pair of scissors in a threatening manner as he approached the officers.

The two officers drew their guns and warned him several times to stop, but Dixon kept approaching.

Both police officers fired their guns and Dixon was struck in the upper torso. He was transported as a trauma alert patient to Bayfront Medical Center, where he later died.

"Scissors are a deadly weapon," Police Spokesman Puetz said. "They can cause great harm. They can be just as dangerous as a knife."

Wuest said Dixon is a former landscaper who suffered a brain injury some time ago and became disabled.

"If they would have left us alone with him, we could have gotten him out of the house," said Wuest's wife, Mary Wuest.

Dixon was convicted in 2011 of robbery with a weapon and resisting an officer with violence.

Source: Tampa Bay Times

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