Police Claim Man Called in Bomb Threat, But May Not Have Recording (Video)

| by Michael Allen

Pedro Cerutti Jr. was arrested yesterday for allegedly threatening to blow up the Florida Department of Law Enforcement's Regional Operations Center in Orlando, Fla.

However, Cerutti and his family deny the charges (video below).

"I promise to God they don't have no recording that I was making a bomb threat," Cerutti told WFTV in a phone call from the Orange County Jail.

An FDLE official told the news station that it is not know if the alleged bomb threat was recorded.

Cerutti's family claims this arrest goes back to 2011 when Cerutti was charged with exposing himself to prison guards at the Orange County Jail (on different charges), but was found not guilty.

Cerutti went to the FDLE in January to file a complaint against the prison guards.

The FDLE office claims Cerutti was rude when he showed up at their office and gave him a trespassing warning, reports WESH.

Cerutti says he called the FDLE on Monday to check on his complaint against the prison guards.

"She kept hanging up the phone, so when I called back the fourth or fifth time, a guy got on the phone and said, 'You just made a bomb threat, we're going to pick you up tonight,'" Cerutti told WFTV.

Sources: WFTV and WESH