Pittsburgh Police Officer Hits Eddie Lojak Who is Held Down by Other Cops (Video)

| by Michael Allen

A cell phone video (below) recorded an unidentified Pittsburgh police officer striking Eddie Lojak twice, while three other police officers held Lojak down, this past Saturday.

According to CBS Pittsburgh, Lojak suffered a broken nose, concussion, broken rib, chipped teeth and a chunk of skin ripped from his tongue.

Those injuries happened after a morning of drinking to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day.

“Cops came up behind me and shoved me down as hard as he could,” Lojak told CBS Pittsburgh. “Face first onto the pavement and then they all jumped on me. When he pushed me from behind so hard and I hit and I skidded. I just felt myself drag across the pavement. I just laid there motionless.”

Lojak’s friend Shane Fischer was reportedly kicked out of a bar and placed under arrest. That's when Lojak approached Fischer and the police, who claimed Lojak had an “aggressive manner” with his “fists clenched.” reports:

Officer Eric Engelhardt wrote in a criminal complaint that Lojak “attempted to hinder” his arrest of another man, Shane Fischer. Security had removed Fischer from Whim nightclub at about 1:15 p.m. Saturday, and when Fischer tried to return to the bar, Engelhardt grabbed his arm to arrest him, the complaint said.

Fischer struggled with Engelhardt, and when Lojak approached Engelhardt from behind, a security worker pushed him to his knees, the complaint said. Detective David Honick, who was working an off-duty detail, pushed Lojak down when he stood up and walked toward Engelhardt again, the complaint said.

Engelhardt wrote that “due to his highly intoxicated state,” Lojak did not brace himself and fell face first onto the concrete, breaking his nose and causing him to bleed from the mouth. When Officer Timothy Novosel handcuffed Lojak and moved him to a sitting position on the curb, Lojak called him a name and spit blood in his face, the complaint said.

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