Pictures: Fans of Accused Mass Murderer James Holmes Express Their Admiration

| by Michael Allen

As the world tries to figure out why James Holmes killed 12 people and wounded 58 others in a Colorado movie theater, his fans, called 'Holmies,' are expressing their admiration for the alleged mass murderer.

Holmies go online and exchange their stories of admiration, drawings (featuring his bright orange hair) and pictures of themselves wearing plaid clothing, because Holmes was wearing plaid when arrested, reports the Daily Mail.

Other images show Holmies drinking slurpees, because Holmes once said his life goal was to own a slurpee machine.

According to, which re-published the disturbing images (below), an online chat room, devoted to Holmes, also exists.

On, dozens of men and women have reportedly called Holmes 'kinda cute' and 'hot.'  On, Holmies exchange ideas on how to write Holmes in prison.

Sick fan: Admirers of the gunman who shot dead 12 people in a Colorado cinema have paid tribute to him online, with some wearing plaid in reference to reports he was wearing plaid when he was caught

Offensive: The fans call themselves 'Holmies' after the 24-year-old killer James Holmes


Proud: Fans have uploaded their pictures to photo sharing website Tumblr

Concerning: Others upload pictures of themselves drinking slurpees, referring to an interview Holmes conducted when he was 18 saying it was his life's goal to own a slurpee machine


Frightening: Another manic picture that was uploaded to the website draws hearts around Holmes
James Holmes


James Holmes letter


Pen pals: Fans also mull over what to write the killer in prison, revealing they 'do not want to imply he has done anything'. Others post rules concerning what they are allowed to write to him