Philadelphia Woman Breaks Windows, Dumps Box Of Rats Into Romantic Rival’s Home

| by Sarah Fruchtnicht

A Philadelphia woman dumped white rats into a romantic rival’s home this week in an ongoing feud over a man.

Police are searching for the woman, her mother, and eight or nine other suspects who accompanied her to the 30-year-old victim’s house on Wednesday night.

The group was carrying a baseball bat and a box of white rats.

Around 11 p.m. they allegedly broke windows and an outer door with the bat and dumped rats inside.

The woman inside was punched and claims the assailants stole $200 in cash and credit cards from her purse.

Police say the group fled in a Chevy Lumina with a Pennsylvania plate.

The victim sustained minor injuries and one of her family members was taken to the hospital with a possible heart condition.

Police believe the feud between the two women began on Instagram.

Sources: WPIV-TV, UPI