Oklahoma Man With Swastika Tattooed On Forehead Arrested For Disturbance At Convenience Store

| by Brendan Kelly

An Oklahoma man covered in face tattoos, including a swastika on his forehead, was arrested for causing a disturbance at a convenience store while wearing a “devil” costume and refusing to leave.

Michael Carter, 26, was arrested on December 30 after disturbing the peace at a Broken Arrow Whataburger location and later at a Kum & Go convenience store. 

According to a police report obtained by The Smoking Gun, Carter’s appearance disturbed customers at both locations. He was dressed in a red devil costume with mask covering the top half of his face and a toy gun tucked into his waistband. 

While his face was partially covered by the mask, Carter’s mugshots revealed that his face is covered in tattoos. One tattoo on his cheek says “Jesus Christ” and another on his forehead is a swastika. He has other symbols on his face as well, including dozens of the Star of David.

He reportedly locked himself in the bathroom of the Kum & Go and refused to leave.

Carter was charged a misdemeanor charge of interfering with police and was held in jail on $500 bond, the report says.

Sources: NY Daily NewsThe Smoking Gun

Photo Credit: NY Daily News