NYPD Arrest Man While He Takes Pictures in Park (Video)

| by Michael Allen

Shawn Randall Thomas was taking photos in a public park with his iPhone on Thursday when two New York City police officers pulled up and questioned him.

Thomas was holding an e-cigarette in one hand and an iPhone in the other when he began filming the police (video below).

When asked by one officer what he was holding in his hand, Thomas replied, "That’s my business.”

The NYPD officer replied, “Now, it’s mine.”

According to, the officer questioned Thomas about a glass bottle in a bag that somebody had left on a park table.

A second cop questioned Thomas about his I.D., which Thomas said he didn't have on him. Thomas then asked the officers what crime he was suspected of committing.

He was soon handcuffed and taken to a Brooklyn jail cell where he was held for two hours.

Thomas posted the panoramic picture that he took with his iPhone on his Facebook page and wrote, "They gave me three summons. Adult in playground without children under 12. Obstructing park bench. Glass bottle in park."

Thomas has posted his prior incidents with the NYPD on his website.

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