Nathon Brooks, 14, Shoots Parents For Banning Video Games (Video)

| by Michael Allen

Nathon Brooks, a 14-year-old boy in Moses Lake, Washington, has been charged with attempted murder for allegedly shooting both of his parents in the head after they banned him from playing video games, reports KING-TV (video below).

According to a police report, Nathon had considered killing his parents since the age of 8. He was recently grounded for two weeks from using “electronic devices," including video games.

“He said he quit playing violent video games because he thought they were making him more violent,” Moses Lake police Sgt. Mike Williams wrote in the police report. “I asked him how much he played video games, and he told me ‘24/7,’ up until he got his electronics taken away.”

Police claim the boy pried open a gun safe to get a .22 caliber pistol on Friday. After listening to music for about 90 minutes, Nathon chose to kill his parents.

“He said he was rethinking it, but said ultimately the voice telling him to do it was louder than the one telling him not to,” according to Sgt.Williams. “He said he just heard over and over in his head that he would be able to do whatever he wanted if he killed his parents.”

“He shot his dad first, [and] then he shot his mom, [and] then shot again at his dad when [his father] rolled out of bed. Nathon said that when he was firing at his mom and she tried to get up, so he fired at her twice more and she stopped moving.”

Jonathan Brooks was able to call 9-1-1 to report that an intruder had shot him and his wife. When police arrived, Nathon told officers that the shooter had left.

But a video surveillance camera, which Jonathan had set up, showed Nathon walking through the living room while carrying a handgun, police said.

Jonathan has been released from the hospital and is staying with his wife who is having surgery.

Nathon was being held on $500,000 bail, no word on whether his parents will bail him out.

Source: KING-TV