Naked Mom Gets Dragged From Her Home By Police In Front Of Entire Building (Video)

| by Kathryn Schroeder

A domestic disturbance call in Brooklyn resulted in a mother being dragged from her home nearly naked by police, as caught on a recently released video.

The incident took place on July 13 when police responded to a domestic disturbance call at the residence of Denise Stewart.

Stewart, 48, had just taken a shower when she opened the door to police at 11:45 p.m. wearing only a towel and underpants.

Police allegedly dragged Stewart into the apartment building hallway in her state of undress when she refused to let them enter her home.

Stewart’s 12-year-old daughter had “visible injuries” to her face, the police claim.

The video shows the chaotic scene that unfolded and how it left Stewart cuffed in the hallway wearing only her underwear after the towel was lost in the scuffle.

The video was made by neighbors from the building stairwell.

Stewart cried out for oxygen while police were restraining her against a wall. She reportedly suffers from severe asthma.

“Oxygen, get my oxygen,” Stewart pleads to the police.

“OK, OK,” a cop responds as he moves out of the screen.

Stewart fainted and fell to the floor soon after as neighbors can be heard screaming for help.

“Yo, her mother got asthma ...y’all wicked, y’all f------ wicked,” shouted one woman.

“Her asthma! Her asthma! Her asthma,” another woman screamed.

For nearly 3 minutes Stewart was in the hallway nearly naked, reports In Flex We Trust.

Stewart’s two sons and two daughters were arrested while she was in the hallway.

Eventually, a female officer draped a towel over Stewart’s exposed torso.

The police claim Stewart bit an officer’s finger during the struggle.

When Stewart’s 12-year-old daughter was removed from the home, she refused to get into the police car and kicked the door. Allegedly she kicked out a window in the vehicle and the glass cut an officer’s chin.

Stewart told the New York Daily News that she is traumatized by the event.

“It’s disgusting and embarrassing. I’ve been married 16 years. It took my husband 10 years to see my nakedness,” Stewart said.

“I didn’t do nothing wrong,” Stewart said, while crying.

Stewart’s lawyer, Amy Rameau, claims the 911 call police received was for an apartment upstairs, and they went to Stewart’s door by mistake.

Denise Stewart has been charged with assaulting a police officer. Her daughter, Diamond, 20, with resisting arrest, acting in a manner injurious to a child, and criminal possession of a weapon.

Her son Stewart, 24, was also charged with resisting arrest while her 12-year-old daughter will face charges of assaulting a police officer, criminal mischief, and criminal possession of a weapon.

The Stewart family claims Diamond’s 4-year-old son was pepper sprayed.

“They manhandled (Stewart) and behaved in a deplorable manner,” Rameau said. “She feels completely mortified. This is about human dignity.”

According to Rameau, the Administration for Children’s Services held an investigation and found no evidence of neglect.

“There were no injuries to the child as alleged in the complaint,” Rameau said.

NYPD Internal Affairs is currently conducting their own investigation.

Photo Source: Screen Shot/New York Daily News