Mother Of Accused Rapist Arrested For Threatening Family Court Employees (Video)

| by Sarah Fruchtnicht

The St. Louis mother of a 16-year-old charged with a brutal rape was arrested after appearing in family court and threatening bodily harm to employees.

Police say Darlene Jones appeared at St. Louis Family Court Center when her teen son, Markeon D. Jones, was certified to stand for trial in December.

Markeon was charged with robbery and sexual assault after he broke into a University City home and raped a woman for several hours on Dec. 23, 2013.

He was hired to do yard work in the 28-year-old victim’s neighborhood, when he forced his way into her home, Capt. Michael Ransom of the University City Police Department said in February.

He allegedly raped the woman multiple times, choked her and bit her. He stole money and a cellphone from the victim.

Charged with three counts of forcible rape, five counts of forcible sodomy and one count each of second-degree assault, first-degree burglary and second-degree robbery, Markeon, now 17, is facing life in prison.

When his mother learned he would stand trial as an adult, she allegedly became violent and threatened a juvenile officer.

St. Louis County prosecutor Bob McCollugh told KMOV Wednesday that Jones threatened to shoot the officer if she saw her on the street.

He said she remarked, “the [female] officer would understand when she gets punched in her ‘expletive’ face and that ‘expletive’ is going to get hers.”

“She said it different ways, and repeatedly. Inside the courtroom, in the hallway, outside,” said McCulloch. “The officer and everybody in the courtroom for that matter felt threatened.”

Jones could face up to seven years in prison for the threats.

“Which sort explains an awful lot,” McCulloch said of the rape case. “It’s not surprising these are some of the things he does, if this is the example he’s been given throughout his life. It doesn’t excuse him from doing that, but it’s certainly not surprising that he went down that path.”

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