Dying Mother Uses Last Breath To Name Killer, Save Son (Photos)

| by Kit Bryer

A young mother died after her ex-boyfriend allegedly forced his way into her home, shot her in the chest and kidnapped their infant, sparking a statewide amber alert.

Amanda Mangas, 23, who went by the name Mandi, was shot in the chest just after 5 a.m. on Mar. 15 at her home in Delta, Ohio. Sheriff's Deputies arrived on scene shortly after the shooting to find Mandi dying on the floor. With her final breath, she gave them the name of her ex, James Ramey, 27, and asked one last question, according to WTOL.

"Where's Winston?"

Authorities did a thorough search of the home and realized her 10-month-old son, Winston, was missing, along with Mandi's stepmother, Deborah Mangas. Ramey had allegedly kidnapped both his child and Mandi's stepmother, but not before allowing Deborah to call 911, reports WTVG. 

"She's been shot in the heart," Deborah told the 911 dispatcher. She was reportedly unable to tell the dispatcher who, replying to questions about Mandi's identity by saying, "Somebody, somebody that lives at the residence was shot."

"I can't say anything else," Deborah told the dispatcher before the call was over.

Five hours after the shooting and subsequent death of Mandi, Ramey was captured and taken into custody during a traffic stop 150 miles from where the shooting occurred. Deborah and baby Winston are both safe, but Ramey faces serious charges of kidnapping and aggravated murder. 

Less than 24 hours before she lost her life, Mandi publicly updated her relationship status, announcing that she is dating someone new. It's possible that this news pushed an already historically abusive Ramey over the edge.

In August 2015, Mandi filed for a protective order against Ramey, which was granted and set to last until 2021. According to WTVG, the court documents said that Ramey had held a knife to Mandi's throat and threatened to kill her if she tried to call the police, all while she was holding their infant son. 

Ramey is said to already have violated that protective order by contacting Mandi via social media. 

In the days leading up to the shooting, Ramey also posted to Facebook. 

"'I don't LOVE her like I used to, so to get back at me she know she gotta use you... but what she don't know is this [s***] gonna bruise you too,'" Ramey wrote in one post. 

"In the end that [b****] is gonna be lonely… 10 years [n****]," he wrote in another.

The Facebook pages for both Mandi and Ramey have been flooded with comments from friends, family, and strangers all over the world who have read about the tragic story. Mandi's page is filled with an outpouring of sorrow and empathy for her family and motherless son, while many commenters on Ramey's page say they hope the worst for him, some even wishing terrible harm upon him in replies to his posts.

"You getting more than 10 years you f***ing coward a** little b**** boy," one Facebook user wrote on Ramey's post. 

"This post is proof this was premeditated," another user responded. 

On Mandi's page, there are thousands of comments saying "RIP," and "So sad." Mandi's father expressed that he was proud that his daughter's last thoughts were of the safety of her son. Other family members also voiced their love for Mandi after hearing of the tragedy. 

Mangas' cousin,Tara Korney Wagner, wrote, "She loved her son so much .... my cousin was beautiful inside and out... she would do anything for anyone.... she was a amazing person.... xoxo miss you so much."

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