This Mom Allegedly Left Her 8-Year-Old Son On A Manhattan Street Corner

| by Amanda Schallert

A Manhattan mom who left her 8-year-old son on a street corner at night weeks ago was arraigned Wednesday and held on $3,500 bail on Rikers Island.

The mom, Natasha Harrow, reportedly left her son, Elijah Harrow, with $4 in his pocket before she departed. Elijah then wandered around Upper East Side before a friendly couple saw him and reported the incident to authorities, according to the NY Daily News.

“You always wanted me to go away,” Harrow reportedly said to her son. “I'll go away.”

Police could not find Harrow for two weeks. When she was caught, she did not deny abandoning her son.

“I left him at 96th St. and Second Ave.,” Harrow said, according to court papers.

Authorities have charged her with abandonment and suspect that she meant to leave him for good.

Now, Elijah is in his grandmother’s care, living in Brooklyn.

“This shouldn’t happen to any child, especially not in New York City,” said Geraldo Petrie, who manages a florist shop across the street from where Elijah was abandoned. “It hurts our entire city to see a kid get lost or abandoned.”

Source: NY Daily News