Teen Accused Of Attacking Woman With Cement Block Won’t Have To Go To Trial

| by Amanda Schallert

A Mississippi teenager who allegedly beat an elderly woman will not be tried in court, after the woman and only witness of the incident died.

Shirley Gordon died in December at age 79. Before her death, she had accused Edward Malane, Jr. of attacking her with a concrete block as he tried to steal her car, according to WREG.

Malane was just 14 at the time of the alleged attack, where he followed her to her house and took her car when she went inside.

“I was praying and doing everything I knew I could do,” Gordon told WREG about the attack. “That’s why I fought him back with what I could do. I was popping him when I could.”

Gordon’s death was reportedly not directly linked to the attack.

Tina Wilbanks, Gordon’s daughter said she was shocked when the Coahoma County Circuit Court judge dismissed the case.

“My heart hurt because I felt like an injustice had been done to my mom,” Wilbanks said.

She added that she thinks the District Attorney did not make progress with the case fast enough and should have prioritized it further.

“I think the DA’s office maybe took just too long to work on it,” she said.

Another problem that may have stalled the case was Gordon’s deteriorating memory. Wilbanks said that her mother was struggling to remember the details of the case or serve as a reliable witness.

“She had been showing signs of dementia and it worsened. And I had told their office and no one came. And then when the guy finally came, my mom couldn’t even respond to his questions about what color the guy was or anything,” she said.

Though Wilbanks said she thinks the justice system did not serve Gordon well, she is relieved that Malane is set to serve 20 years in prison for another crime assaulting a 4-year-old boy.

“Well, this is done, Nothing’s going to happen. He’s not going to have to pay the price for what’s been done,” she said.

Source: WREG, Image Credit: WREG