Michigan State Football Recruit Body Slams Security Guard, Students Cheer (Video)

| by Michael Allen

High school quarterback Jayru Campbell, who was recruited to play football at Michigan State University (MSU), has been accused of body slamming a security guard yesterday at Cass Tech High School in Detroit, Mich.

A cell phone video (below) was shot by one of the onlookers, notes WXYZ. While some students seemed shocked, several cheered.

It's not clear why Campbell allegedly slammed the guard, but moments after the incident, Campbell was taken into custody by other security guards.

Detroit Public Schools spokesperson Steve Wasko told CBS Detroit that Campbell was arrested and charged with assault and battery.

Campbell, who is a junior, was recruited to play at MSU in 2015, but no paperwork has been signed yet.

John Lewandowski, MSU Associate Athletics Director for Communications, claims the NCAA bans colleges from talking about potential recruits until the recruit signs a letter of intent.

According to USA Today, Campbell was suspended from Cass Tech back in November 2013 for hitting an opposing player in a post-game handshake line.

Campbell has led Cass Tech to two state championships.

Sources: USA Today, WXYZ, CBS Detroit