Manhattan Millionaire Robert Durst Wants Dead Wife's Money Despite Being Suspect in Disappearance

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Robert Durst, the heir of a prominent Manhattan real estate family, wants to poke around in the investigation of his long-missing wife even though he is still a suspect in her death.

Kathleen Durst vanished on Jan. 31, 1982 after dining with Durst. According to court records, Mr. Durst attempted to subpoena two prosecutors and an investigator in the Westchester County District Attorney’s office to prove that the investigation into his wife’s disappearance is a cold case.

Mr. Durst claims the reason for the probe is to collect $82,000 from her estate that’s been held in escrow pending the conclusion of the investigation. However something doesn’t really add up. Mr. Durst lives in a $1.7 million townhouse in Harlem. The 69-year-old multimillionaire has no apparent need for the funds.

Westchester District Attorney Janet DiFiore wrote that, “Durst’s professed intention in seeking the subpoenas is suspect,” and called his request “unprecedented,” and “extraordinary and unlawful.”

Mr. Durst’s lawyer, Robert Damast argued that his client has a “right to withdraw the funds being wrongfully withheld from him on the mere suspicion that perhaps at some unspecified time in the future something might show up.”

“Whether [Durst] has a thousand or a million dollars in the bank shouldn’t affect his right to receive what the law recognizes as his inheritance, be it large or small,” Damast wrote in legal papers, according to NY Post.

In a response to Durst’s petition, Westchester prosecutor John Carmody asserted: “In the days following Kathleen’s disappearance, Durst gave conflicting accounts of the circumstances surrounding the last time he saw her”

He continued:

“Investigation by authorities subsequent to Kathleen Durst’s disappearance revealed the details of their troubled and abusive marriage and that, before her disappearance, Kathleen Durst was considering divorcing Robert Durst.”

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