Man Wanted For Allegedly Holding Girlfriend Captive In Wooden Box

| by Kathryn Schroeder

A manhunt is ongoing for a suspect who allegedly held his girlfriend captive inside a wooden box for the past four months in Sedalia, Missouri.

James Barton Horn Jr., 47, is wanted by police after the woman escaped his home on Thursday, reports WSMV.

The woman was “hysterical” after fleeing the home but is doing fine now, despite her ordeal, Sgt. Joshua Howell of the Sedalia Police Department said.

"She was frantic and said she had just escaped her boyfriend's house where he had been periodically locking her in a wooden box," Howell said.

The woman called 911 from a neighbor’s house to report her escape.

A search warrant was obtained and officers found a large wooden box in the house. Upon inspection, they determined that it appeared to be built to conceal a person inside, according to Howell. The box is about 4 feet long, 4 feet wide and 8 feet deep.

"The wooden box itself along with other evidence was collected from the scene,” Howell said.

The couple reportedly had a bad argument and Horn attacked the woman, forcing her inside the wooden box.

"They were in a consensual romantic relationship up until this point about four months ago," Howell said. "Things became bad. There was an assault and he began holding her hostage from that point on."

Horn allegedly sexually assaulted the woman regularly while she was held captive, but provided her food and water.

Police consider Horn to be dangerous. He is a registered sex offender for a 1992 crime involving a 22-year-old woman in Tennessee, reports Reuters.

He has been accused several times of torturing and holding women captive and, prior to his release after spending years in prison, was found by a judge to be capable of committing another violent sex act.

"I would not let him know that you know what he has done or even noticed him," Howell said. "Just call 911." 

Sources: Reuters, WSMV

Photo Source: WSMV