Man Wakes Up To Stranger Holding Knife To His Throat

| by Sean Kelly

A man in Forsyth County, Georgia, says he woke up to something terrifying — a stranger holding a knife to his throat.

On April 26, Brian Skeoch said he woke up to what he initially thought was a dream.

“I see a gentleman standing over me, and I thought I was dreaming so I tried to go back to sleep and I saw him come from my spare bedroom, back into my main room and I sat up and he threatened me and said ‘Don’t move, don’t get up. Don’t call police. I didn’t do it,'’’ Skeoch said.

The suspect was 33-year-old Eddie Pittman, who was being sought by police at the time. Police believe Pittman abandoned a stolen motorcycle and ran through the woods, eventually entering Skeoch’s house.

“He said, ‘Don't move, don't get up. You got to hide me,’ and I said, ‘OK,’” Skeoch told reporters. Pittman later asked Skeoch for a ride for himself and his friend, Jamal, to Marietta, Georgia.

“I talked to his friend Jamal and told him I would be happy to take him home and keep him safe, but it was part of a ploy for me to get away long enough to call 911,” he said. Skeoch managed to call 911 while getting dressed, as Pittman and Jamal were downstairs waiting to be taken home.

“By the time I got back downstairs, the police were at my door with police dogs and 10 to 12 officers.”

The motorcycle was returned to its owner, Kennesaw resident Jonathan Archambault, and Pittman was arrested. He faces felony charges that include burglary and false imprisonment.

Sources: WSBTV, Las Vegas Review-Journal

Photo Credit: Forsyth Police via Forsyth County News