Man Sold People Whiskey, Vodka Made Of Urine

| by Michael Allen

Nicholas Stewart reportedly sold urine and other human waste as alcohol inside resealed bottles of whiskey and vodka in Blackpool, England.

Stewart, who admitted to fraud, was recently given a 70 day jail sentence, which was suspended for 12 months by a judge, reports

Stewart sold the disgusting substance inside Smirnoff vodka and Jack Daniels whiskey bottles for $15 each inside a local gambling casino.

“They were totally unsuitable for public consumption, they were hazardous and contained dangerous e-coli bacteria," prosecutor Victoria Cartmell told the judge, noted "This man is has been involved in 32 incidents and is a persistent and troublesome offender.”

Stewart's lawyer said his client sold the human waste because he needed money for food.

Local authorities want Stewart banned from selling anything in the Blackpool area.

Image Credit: Fernando Carrizo