Man Sent To Prison After Urinating On Three-Year-Old Child

| by Jonathan Wolfe

Scranton, Pennsylvania, resident James Acevedo-Schneider will spend the next four years in prison after he urinated on a three-year-old child and made the boy drink his urine.

According to the Times Tribune, Acevedo-Schneider said he was “messed up on Four Lokos” when he urinated on the child and thought it was a game.

He told police that he and the boy “were at war” and that two weeks ago he peed in a bottle and made the boy drink his urine then, too. 

Acevedo-Schneider was found with the screaming child by Scranton Patrolman Matthew Phillips. When the boy’s mother returned home, the child cried as he said Acevedo-Schneider urinated in his mouth.

In addition to his jail sentence, Acevedo-Schneider will be placed on the Pennsylvania sex offenders registry for the next 15 years.

Sources: The Times Tribune, WNEP