Man Robs Bank In Order To Pay Rent

| by Amanda Andrade-Rhoades

Gerald Edward Haigis, 40, told police he didn't have a motive to rob Fulton Bank in Manchester Township, Pennsylvania. He insisted he had a job and was able to pay rent.

However, when Northern York County Regional Police found a receipt from Haigis's landlord for $2,100  paid in cash  Hagis sighed and hung his head. According to charging documents obtained by the York Daily Record, “Haigis then confessed to committing the bank robbery.”

Haigis allegedly robbed the bank on Monday morning in order to pay rent. The documents stated Haigis and his family would have been evicted if he didn’t pay that same day.

During the robbery, Haigis slipped a teller a note demanding cash in large bills. He insisted she hurry up. The teller handed him the money, then he fled the bank in a black two-door coupe with a damaged bumper and no hubcaps.

A witness stated he was parked near the bank when Haigis pulled up in a car next to him. He saw Haigis enter the bank and leave “carrying a large amount of cash in his right hand,” according to the documents.

That night, York City Police received a tip on Haigis’s address. After police interviewed him at police headquarters, Haigis admitted to the robbery. Police officers recovered the remaining money in his basement.

Source: York Daily Record / Image via: Penn Live