Man Kills Wife Aboard Ship For Laughing At Him (Photos)

| by Sheena Vasani

A Utah man reportedly killed his wife aboard an Alaska cruise ship traveling to Seattle because she laughed at him.

Authorities arrested Emerald Princess passenger Kenneth Manzanares on July 26 for the alleged murder, reports The Associated Press.

Witnesses recall finding Kenneth's 39-year-old wife, Kristy, covered in blood on the floor, reports KTVA.

Later, Kenneth was found with blood on his hands and clothes and blood all over the cabin.

According to reports, Kenneth told an acquaintance he murdered his wife because she would not stop laughing at him.

Afterward, Kenneth attempted to jump off the ship, but authorities caught him in time.

"They were on deck seven and he tried to run up to deck nine to jump off the ship, but security grabbed him before he could jump," passenger Megan Morr said, reports KSTU.

Security eventually arrested Kenneth and the ship temporarily docked in Juneau, Alaska, where the FBI took custody of the suspect. The cruise then continued its voyage.

Princess Cruises gave passengers aboard the ship $150 in onboard credit.

"You feel sorry for the family but a lot of people had to wait," said Lloyd Barrows, a passenger from Alberta, Canada.

Those who knew Kristy were heartbroken upon learning of her death.

"Kristy was a dedicated and loving mother who juggled her business schedule to make her children the top priority," said a spokesman for her employer, Summit Sotheby's International Realty, reports KSTU. "We will miss Kristy’s vibrant personality, welcoming smile, kind heart, and compassion for everyone she met."

Many on social media were horrified upon hearing the news.

"Nowadays people just go nuts don't know how to handle situations unless it ends in violence so sad," wrote one person on WABC's Facebook page.

"What supposed to be a happy and memorable trip, turn deadly," wrote another. "Sad way to die."

Some readers blamed gender norms for the murder, while others suggested that mental illness and bullying could be contributing factors.

"Straight Masculinity is no joke you guys.. this is NO JOKE," wrote one commenter.

"Mental illness is a major issue and should always be taken care of," opined another.

"Dude must've got laughed at all his life, and when his wife did it He just couldn't deal," speculated a third. "Insecurities got the best of him…"

A few thought there might be more to the story than what the suspect had revealed so far.

"He was contemplating this for a long time," mused one. "Going on a cruise was his perfect opportunity to eliminate. Sick man."

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