Man Files Complaint Against Cops Who Assaulted Him (Video)

| by Will Hagle

Cell phone video has emerged in the case of a man who claimed he was assaulted by the Buffalo Police Department, providing evidence to accompany his allegations. 

The man, 43-year-old Christopher Kozak, filed a complaint suggesting he was seriously injured after being assaulted by law enforcement officials who used excessive force against him outside a bar called Bottoms Up on St. Patrick’s Day. The grainy cell phone video, which was taken when the incident occurred last March, shows Kozak walking outside the bar before being forcefully taken to the ground by a group of officers.

According to WIVB, police had arrived at the bar to respond to a fight but Kozak was not involved in the incident. In fact, he had left the bar after witnessing the fight.

“He was not involved. He ended up walking outside of Bottoms Up, turning around looking for his girlfriend, as you can see from the video he was in a nonthreatening, non-worrisome manner as he walked out when he was bum rushed by police,” said Kozak’s attorney Ronald Cercone. 

The complaint was filed specifically against Officer Robert Eloff, a member of the Buffalo force who has already been accused of assault in a previous case. According to Time Warner Cable News, Eloff was working off-duty at a bar called Molly’s Pub when an individual was thrown down the stairs and suffered a serious injury. He has been temporarily suspended from the fore as the investigation into his conductcontinues.

Sources: TWC News, WIVB