Man With Fruity Pebbles Marijuana Bar Caught By Police (Photos)

| by Sarah Zimmerman

A North Carolina man was arrested during a routine traffic stop June 5 when officers say they found a marijuana-infused Fruity Pebbles cereal bar. 

A Halifax County Sheriff's Office captain pulled over a car for a traffic violation at approximately 6:30 a.m., according to The Daily Herald. Officials with the county's drug task force were already conducting searches in the area. When the captain searched the stopped vehicle, which belonged to 31-year-old Derrick Jermaine Priest, he was surprised to find copious amounts of marijuana.

Sheriff Wes Tripp said authorities found marijuana and a mason jar with leftover marijuana residue. They also found some marijuana paraphernalia, including rolling papers and a grinder. The most shocking discovery was in Priest's luggage, which contained the Fruity Pebbles marijuana bar.

"The bar was wrapped in wax paper then wrapped in plastic sealed with a piece of tape," Tripp wrote on Facebook. "An additional smaller piece was found in the center console."

The bar was made with "cannabutter," which is a type of butter infused with THC, the active ingredient from the marijuana plant. Cannabutter is often used to make "edibles," which are potent edible forms of marijuana.

Priest told arresting officers that marijuana users only eat small bits of edibles at a time. Eating the entire bar at once is not advised as the effect would be too overwhelming.

Tripp posted about the incident to the Halifax County #Arrested Facebook page, which logs all arrests in the area.

"It's important to post these alleged crimes for public safety," Tripp writes on the page's mission statement. "It is always best to inform the public of the sheriff office's activities, so everyone can be smart, be safe and be careful."

His post on the arrest has been picked up by a variety of news sources and was shared more than 450 times in two days. Some of those sharing are concerned parents who believe that kids will try bars like the one found on Priest.

"This a shame, you know the kids will definitely be trying this," one person said.

Tripp said parents should be on the lookout for Fruity Pebbles bars their children are eating if they come from an unknown source. Fruity Pebbles is a children's cereal that's often made into a treat.

This is the first time the department has seen edibles of this nature in the county.

Priest was charged with possession of marijuana up to one-half ounce, as well as possession of marijuana paraphernalia. His first court appearance is scheduled for July 26.

Will kids be tempted to eat this THC-laced Fruity Pebbles bar?
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