Louisiana Woman Checks In To Hospital Under Dead Sister's Name, Wearing Memorial T-Shirt

| by Amanda Schallert

A woman in Louisiana who checked into a hospital under the name of her dead sister even though she was wearing a memorial t-shirt with her face and name on it at the time is now facing charges for fraud.

Earlier this month, 26-year-old Diondre Jones checked into the Slidell Memorial Hospital using the name Delores Jones and her sister’s birth date and social security number, according to

Hospital staff did not notice the fraud until they entered Delores Jones into their computer and found that the “Date of Death Precedes Date of Service.”

Jones had already been treated by that time, but hospital staff caught her in the parking lot and questioned her about the incident.

When asked about the name she provided, Jones said she thought hospital staff must have gotten the wrong name from looking at her t-shirt.

She now faces charges for Medicaid fraud.