Loss-Prevention Employee Allegedly Fired After Preventing Loss

| by Tony Tran

A loss-prevention employee at a Family Dollar has been fired after stopping a shoplifter from making off with stolen goods on Monday. The employee also claims that the store is blaming him for damages the thief caused.

Albert Jackson, 51, of Cincinnati, Ohio, stopped Amanda Baker, 31, from being able to make off with stolen goods at the Avondale Family Dollar store., reports. However, after Jackson did his job, the Family Dollar let him go as an employee, according to him.

According to the police report, Jackson saw Baker stealing laundry detergent and shirts. When he approached her in the back of the store, he asked her to open her purse.

"She snapped it open and closed it real quick and then she started turning towards me," Jackson told The Enquirer. "Then she starts reaching for alcohol. She got the top off the alcohol and got it in her hand because she was trying to get it in my eye."

Baker then reportedly punched Jackson before charging at him. She knocked several shelves of merchandise in the process.

"I was defending myself," said the former employee. "I wasn't looking forward to being harmed. I did let her hit me a couple of times before I retaliated. How far should I let her go before I do anything?"

He was eventually able to hold her down until police arrived.

After the incident, corporate employees from Family Dollar visited the store and told him he put the other workers in unnecessary risk and fired him.

"They told me they no longer needed my service because I caused more damage than what it was that she had in her bag," Jackson said. "I feel like they're not with the employees."

Jackson also claims that the Family Dollar never trained him on how to do his job, including how to stop shoplifters.

"I wasn't trained," he said. "I just got hired and there weren't any meetings. Family Dollar said I cost the company money because they had to close the store to clean up the mess."

Bryn Winburn, spokeswoman for Family Dollar, gave a statement via email regarding the incident, saying, "Family Dollar has shoplifting policies and training in place for all team members, to try to ensure that circumstances like this are dealt with appropriately.”

She continued, "Because it is Family Dollar's practice not to comment on specific employee HR matters, we cannot comment further on this matter at this time."

For now, Jackson is unemployed and looking for work.

"The job means a lot because it was paying the bills," he said. "Just for them to kick me to the curb for one incident without a write-up, suspension, and just a quick dismissal, no paperwork ..."

According to him, his fellow employees were dismayed to hear he was let go.

"They were hurt that I was let go," Jackson said. "I helped do a lot of different things in the store."

Baker was arrested and is being held in the Hamilton County Justice Center on $20,000 bail. She faces charges of theft, intoxication, and disorderly conduct. 

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