Jury Awards Man $5,001 Because Co-Worker Urinated in His Coffee Pot

| by Michael Allen

James Butler was ordered by a court on Monday to pay $5,001 to a former co-worker for urinating in his coffee pot on March 16, 2009 in Culpeper, Va.

According to the Star Exponent, Butler (pictured) admitted that he urinated in Michael Utz's coffee pot because of “personal ill will and spite” and "was hoping Utz was the person who would get the urine-tainted coffee.”

At the time of the urination incident, Butler worked with Utz at Culpeper's waste water plant.

The Daily Mail reports that court papers said Utz tried to make some coffee inside the pot, but "was hit with a strong smell of urine, observing fluid already inside his coffee pot that he had not put in there."

Lab results revealed the coffee pot contained urine and fecal material because Butler first urinated into a toilet and then scooped the urine and toilet water into the coffee pot.

Utz sued for $728,000, but the jury gave him $1 in compensatory damages and $5,000 for punitive damages.

Butler was found guilty of criminal misdemeanor assault for urinating in Utz's coffee back in May 2009 and sentenced to a year in jail, but a judge suspended 11 months of the sentence. Butler was also fired from his job in 2009.

Sources: Daily Mail and Star Exponent