Inmate Allegedly Killed Wife During Unsupervised Jail Visit

| by Sarah Fruchtnicht

A prisoner in the Penitentiary-Correctional Institution in Niš, southern Serbia, allegedly killed his wife during an unsupervised conjugal visit when he learned she was leaving the country.

Ivan Milovanović, 35, was serving three years and 10 months on drug trafficking charges.

His wife Bojana Bacević was found strangled in the jail’s “love room,” where prisoner’s have their conjugal rights once a month, Daily Mail reported.

Bacević’s family said she was already separated from her husband, but continued to visit him because she felt sorry for him.

"She hated to think of him being lonely and abandoned so she kept going, but she was planning a new life," said the victim’s twin sister, Bobana Radic.

"There are no guards and no CCTV and Milovanović and his wife had used the room several times in the past," a prison spokesman said.

"When guards returned two hours after letting them into the room they found the visitor dead on the bed,” he said. "The prisoner says he lost his temper when his estranged wife told him it would be the last visit.”

Milovanović allegedly became enraged when he learned that his wife planned on immigrating and this would be her last visit.

"He was a mean, violent man and I think he would have got angry when she broke the news to him," Radic said.

She claims she begged her sister not to visit Milovanović in prison fearing something like this would happen.

Sources: Daily Mail

Image credit: Flickr Creative Commons / Erháld Borbáth, Wikipedia