Grocery Store Chain Won't Ban Guns, Robbed by Armed 'Skeleton'

| by Michael Allen

The Kroger grocery store chain has refused to ban the open carry of guns, which one person took literally.

A suspect wearing a skeleton mask and carrying a semi-automatic handgun robbed a Fifth Third Bank inside a Kroger grocery store in Cincinnati, Ohio, on Wednesday.

The suspect also carried an umbrella when he walked up to the bank teller and demanded the money, noted

The suspect put the money in a black nylon bag and left the Kroger.

Ironically, a Kroger grocery store in Ohio recently refused a petition from the gun safety group Moms Demand Action to ban the open carry of guns.

According to, the NRA applauded the grocery store for rejecting the petition, while several gun supporters cheered Kroger and attacked Moms Demand Action on their Facebook page:

I bet you go home and f--- trees and lick dogs don't you. You pathetic excuses for human beings will never remove our rights.

I think the more guns the better. I shop at krogers and have at least 3 guns on me at any given time and two knives as well and people like me will always win.

God bless Croger [sic].

I support Kroger. Like shopping there with my firearm so all can see.

I'm in Kroger now rocking out with my glock out.

Sources:, (Image Credit: Cincinnati Police Department Media Handout)

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