God-Loving Woman Robs 7-Eleven, Asks Clerk For Beer Advice

| by Sarah Fruchtnicht

A woman who reportedly held up a Washington 7-Eleven preached to the clerk about Jesus and then asked him advice on which beer to steal.

Enjoli Norde, 34, was arrested for robbing an Edgewood 7-Eleven store with a pellet gun around 11:45 p.m. this past Sunday.

“Do you love Jesus?” Norde allegedly asked the male clerk, pointing the gun at his head. "You better love Jesus because you're gonna die; open up your drawer."

“I like girls, but if you call on me I'll come back and kill you," she told him.

She said she didn’t mind going to jail and ran out of the store with $150.

She returned to the store, according to court documents, a short time later.

Pointing the gun at the clerk again, she allegedly asked him what his favorite beer was. She then grabbed a 6-pack of that brand and demanded a case of Newport cigarettes.

She left the clerk a few beers and $15.

"Something for you," she said.

Norde then went to an apartment owned by her mother and grandmother. The women told police Norde threatened to shoot them if they didn’t give her their prescription pills.

Police later picked her up near Enchanted Parkway, and she wasn’t cooperative during her arrest.

"One officer notes she asks him if he believes in Jesus and that she loves the Lord," according to arrest report. "This was in between screaming fits of rage."

They also noted that Norde has admitted to using meth in the past.

Police say she had a pellet gun, cartons of cigarettes and cash in her possession.

She was charged with robbery and harassment.

Sources: UPI, KOMO News