Georgia Teenagers Rescued From House Filled With Cockroaches and Cat Feces

| by Amanda Schallert

Georgia officials arrested the parents of two teenagers Friday after discovering that their home was infested by cockroaches and covered in feces.

Gwinnett County animal control officials initially came to the home of Greg and Jackie Tate in response to reports that an unusual number of cats were living on the property, according to the Daily Mail.

Animal control officers entered the house to find the numerous health violations inside. They seized 11 cats from the home and then alerted state authorities, who came and saved the couple’s 15 and 17-year-old sons.

Photos of the house taken by authorities reveal that countertops were covered in dirty dishes and the floors were taken over by trash.

“You could see just roaches and flies just all over the place when you're walking through the house,” said Snellville Police Detective Orlando Concepcion, according to KTVU. “It just hits you in the face. I can't imagine putting my kids into that.”

The home did not have working toilets, so the bathrooms were caked with filth.

“There was no working air conditioner unit and the family managed to function with window fans,” read a report by investigators. So with the combination of feces and hot air, the smell was unbearable.”

Investigators said they found a dirty mattress on the floor surrounded by trash and clothes. When they moved the mattress, they discovered more fleas and cockroaches beneath it.

The home has now been condemned, but neighbors said they were surprised to learn of the conditions inside. Locals said that the teenagers appeared healthy and that they regularly attended school, looking fine.

The mother was also a school bus driver until recently.

“(The sons) appeared to be unaffected by the amount of clutter and said they had been lazy, which is the reason the house is the way it is,” one officer wrote.

The teenagers are now living with their grandparents.

Source: Daily Mail, Image Credit: Snellville PD