Georgia Mom Says High School Football Player Got Away With Assaulting Mentally Handicapped Girl

| by Sarah Fruchtnicht

A Georgia mother claims a Jesup high school covered up the alleged sexual assault and harassment of a mentally handicapped 16-year-old at the hands of the football team’s star player.

Anna Marie Simpson is suing the Wayne County School System, school officials and two students in federal court on behalf of her daughter, identified only as T.W.

Simpson claims a Wayne County High School football player, Krenwich Sanders, abused her daughter, "a mentally and developmentally handicapped young lady,” in August 2013.

"On or about August 13, 2013, defendant Sanders said to (T.W.), 'Don't make me throw you in the garbage can,'" the complaint states. "After (T.W.) advised him not to do so, defendant Sanders picked up (T.W.) and bodily threw her into the trash can upside down, at which point she began screaming."

Simpson claims her daughter told a teacher and football coach Justin McDonald about the trash can incident, but they failed to report it. She says school staff accused the girl of “messing with” the football players.

Simpson believes the school covered up for Sanders because of his “special status.” According to SB Nation, the wide receiver signed with the University of Wisconsin in February.

Simpson claims Sanders and another student, Rasheen Holmes, later sexually assaulted her daughter.

"Defendant Sanders and defendant Holmes ordered (T.W.) to perform oral sex on Holmes and (T.W.) refused, became scared, and attempted to open the door. Defendant Holmes grabbed (T.W.) and forced her to let go of the door," says the complaint. "While defendant Sanders acted as a lookout, defendant Holmes pulled out his penis and forced (T.W.) to perform oral sex on defendant Holmes."

After that incident, Simpson says the school principal threatened her daughter not to report the assault “in order to protect their vested interest in defendant Sanders, Wayne County High School's star football player.”

She says in order to shut her up, the defendants also filed a false report against her with the Division of Family and Children Services.

The girl has since transferred to another county school.

Simpson is seeking damages for negligence, assault and battery.

An Ohio teen convicted of sexually assaulting a 16-year-old in 2012 was put back on the team this month. When Ma’Lik Richmond stepped out on the field in Steubenville Thursday evening he heard nothing but cheers, reported.

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Image Credit: Flickr Creative Commons / matthewreid