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Former White Supremacist Sisters Now Love Medical Marijuana

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Years ago, I saw a 60 minute piece on young teen music artists that were also part of a Neo-Nazi family. The beautiful young blond twins named Lynx and Lamb Gaede sang and wrote songs praising Hitler, Rudolph Hess and white supremacy. They were selling records, they were very popular within the movement and seemed very confident in their opinions about the white race in interviews on TV. The called themselves “Prussain Blue” and you can find many of their videos still on line today. But now the girls are all grown up, and out from under their white supremacist manager mother. They now credit marijuana with helping change their views on diversity and human nature.

The changes began on a European tour in 2006 where they played with other neo-nazi musical acts. The girls did a rendition of Bob Dylans, “Knocking on Heavens Door”, a song they had heard and loved. The mostly skin-head audience began booing. Thier mother told them to never play the song again because Bob Dylan is Jewish. At the end of that tour, the girls made the decision to stop being Prussian Blue.

The stress of being the Nazi movement’s sweethearts along with all the media interviews world wide took its toll on the now teenage girls. Lynx had a bout with cancer in her freshman year in high school, and developed a rare condition called CVS, or cyclic vomiting syndrome. Lamb also suffers from severe emotional stress over her childhood as well as scoliosis that leaves her with debilitating back pain. But they now want the world to know they have moved on. In trying to find a cure to their ills, they tried an array of alternative medical treatments, but eventually found medical marijuana. The twins claim that it has saved Lynx’s life and they have now become advocates for legalizing marijuana for everyone in America.

The Gaede Twins, younger and in the group "Prussian Blue".

They also claim that smoking marijuana for them re-awakened their creative impulses that was once devoted to writing music about hate. The former Prussian Blue singers now openly question their moms “fixation,” on the fate of the White race, as well as her encouragement of their bizarre young musical career. Lynx says that it was difficult for them to handle being front-men for a belief system that they didn’t even completely understand at that time since they were little kids. They have been silent about their transition until now, fearing retribution from their former fans. Their popularity has even spawned a satirical musical about their lives set for a Broadway debut later this year. The new cannabis activists say they are not White Nationalists anymore, that they are liberal in their beliefs, that they love diversity and that the many different cultures in our country is amazing and makes them proud of humanity. We know that cannabis can relieve many medical symptoms, but curing hate would make it one of the most useful substances know to man.